Maktari closes gold bullion deal worth $11.7 billion

Apart from Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas reserves, there are believed to be sizeable deposits of other minerals within the Royal Kingdom. Mr M L A Maktari the broker appointed for and on behalf of a private investor within Saudi Arabia has just closed and reserved for the next 3 years gold bullion to the value of just under $11.7 billion.

Most of these deposits are within Switzerland as holding is restricted within Saudi Arabia.
Maktari was refered by a senior royal to negotiate and close the deal for and on behalf of the privale client.

Maktari will now establish and negotiate a takeover bid with one of the largest brokering houses within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and deal on behalf of several Royal clients, private investors from GE states and prepare to push the company into fifth gear for the coming year. This may include floating on the LSE and NYSE.

Maktari is rumoured to be anouncing a small purchase of gold from a central bank within Europe.

Opinion piece submitted by asharq-news

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